FC BackOffice DRV gives you the full functionality for internal accounting, in full compliance with regulatory requirements:

  1. Maintenance of directories of: 
    • clients,
    • counterparties to the trade,
    • securities issuers,
    • subsidiary brokers,
    • own portfolio maintenance contracts,
    • broker services contracts,
    • stock exchange accounts,
    • securities,
    • futures and options,
    • securities quotes,
    • pricing plans.
  2. Internal accounting documents entry: 
    • futures and options transactions, contracts or money transactions orders,
    • executive notes on futures and options deals.
  3. Automated entry (for deals on the stock-exchange): 
    • import of information on concluded deals from files provided by the trading platform,
    • import of information on securities quotes from files provided by the trading platform.
  4. Manual entry of deals (incl. OTC).
  5. Maintenance of an order register.
  6. Maintenance of subsidiary registers: 
    • for internal accounting of futures and options deals,
    • for internal accounting of money and trade settlements,
    • for internal accounting of open futures and options positions,
  7. Maintenance of an own and client money and futures and options contracts position.
  8. Maintenance of own and client portfolios.
  9. Automated accounting (generation of entries in internal accounting registers).
  10. Calculation of financial results of own operations (using LIFO, FIFO and VWAP).
  11. Automated calculation and withholding of client fees (broker services contracts).
  12. Calculation of individual income tax at the end of the fiscal period and in case of cash-outs.
  13. Report generation: 
    • mandatory reporting in accordance with the Russian Federal Financial Markets Service requirements (such as form No. 1100),
    • internal daily records,
    • reporting to the client.